Welc(Om)e to the only yoga class in town that’s acceptable to pregame.

Beer Yoga Minneapolis St Paul

We’re a collective of Thirsty Yogis that teach fun power yoga classes at breweries, bars, and distilleries around the globe and reward you with a drink after.

Because who said instant gratification was something to be ashamed of?

Sweat. Savasana. Sip. Socialize.

Melissa Om Brewers Brew Master


New Years Eve, 2016
Melissa was drinking alone at LynLake Brewery wondering why she was the only one of her friends NOT getting engaged. Struck up a conversation with LynLake Brewery’s new marketing director, and Om Brewers was born. She sketched the logo on a napkin, and built the website that night.


There’s a lot of things we have to take seriously in life. Yoga doesn’t have to be one of them.

Drink local. Practice global. Live social.




Thirsty Yogis

If you’re interested in teaching yoga or being an Ombassador, email Melissa@OmBrewers.com or simply show up to class to join our community of Thirsty Yogis.