We’re the Om Brewers.

A collective of drinking yogis that teach yoga classes at breweries, bars, and distilleries.

You probably won’t find Higher Enlightenment in an Om Brewers class.
But you will get a sweat, make a new friend, and catch a buzz.

$20 = Yoga + a Drink. Always.

We don’t take ourselves or these classes too seriously. Whether your a beginner yogi or beginner drinker, we’ll take you. So come for the yoga, stay for the drinks. Or come for the drinks & get the added benefit of yoga. We don’t judge.

Yoga Drinks Minneapolis

Upc(Om)ing Classes:

First Draft Yoga Beer

Saturday November 17

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen
10:00AM -11:0AM
$20 = Yoga + Beer/Wine/Cider

Rihanna Glow Yoga Drinks Minneapolis

Monday, December 3

The Basement Bar
7:00PM - 8:00PM

Lynlake Brewery Beer Yoga

Saturday, December 8

LynLake Brewery
11:00AM - 12:00PM
$20 = Ypga + Beer